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HealthConnect™ is Niche's premier and flagship
PaaS (Platform as a Service) product

Patient Medical Records   View Records

The patient interface of the HealthConnectTM system enables patients to connect with their care givers via channels such as SMS, e mail and Android Appsthrough the myrecords portal. The interface supports the following set of activities:

  • Patient appointment request and scheduling
  • It allows you to view your Patient medical records
  • Patient notifications (SMS, e mail)
  • Billing and payment information
  • Its gives you a snap shot of your medical history
  • It informs you of your prescriptions and diagnosis carried out
  • It enables you to carry out an independent self health risk assessment to ascertain your status with respect to your diet, water intake, sugar and sleep
  • It helps you to improve your knowledge base on health related information

Appointment Scheduling

  • Allows scheduling of appointments by staff of a particular clinic/hospital and enables viewing of all appointments for the day, week and month by staff with user rights
  • Enables patients to request and make appointment from their clinics/physicians and allows clinics/physicians to approve requests based on their availability and schedule
  • Allows pre-set and automatic e-mail and SMS appointment notifications and reminders for both patients and hospitals

Secure Messaging

  • HealthConnect™ enables communication between individuals/patient and its facility providers via eMail and SMS.
  • Drug dispense alerts can be automatically set for patient prescriptions and SMS reminder notifications sent to patients at pre-set times over a designated period

Practice Management System

Clinics   Laboratories   Pharmacies

  • Allows hospitals/clinics organization to record patient's vitals and simple charting
  • Physicians can access in-built templates or use free-text for making patient visit notes; and also enter final diagnosis with aid of ICD-10 coded engine
  • Enable access to history and overview of patients' records to enhance better quality of care
  • Physicians can order specific lab work and other diagnostics, which can be accessed on the e-platform by own-labs or external labs and diagnostic centres on the platform and receive the reports direct to their e-mails for sign-off
  • Electronically check drug interactions, make new and renew old prescriptions, which can be accessed by all pharmacies on the HealthConnect™ platform, and maintained on the patients' record profile
  • Enables referral of patients to specialists and other facilities registered on the HealthConnect™ platform
  • Enables billing, based on updated service cost profile, and real-time communication of bills via e mails to employers and other providers of medical insurance
  • Allows simple recording of all expenditure transactions from major purchases of inventory to staff payments and miscellaneous expenses.

Analytics and Reports

  • Allows printing of PDF statements for patients based on number of visits in any period
  • Generates various types of reports at click of button (e.g Patient Visit Reports, Bill reports, Financial Transaction Reports, Patient Study Reports, Doctor Reports etc)

Data Safety and Access

  • Niche SL maintains data safety and protection standards, which grants our members full rights and control over their personal data. As part of our service undertaking, we hold ourselves legally responsible for the safe storage and protection of our customers' data and prohibition of unauthorised sharing or transfer of data.
  • The HealthConnect™ user authentication feature meets the highest standards of data security.

The system also allows for setting of rules by individual healthcare facilities on the platform for user access controls and rights, electronic authentication for carrying out specific functions such as signatures on patient study reports and approval of drug prescriptions and lab requests.

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