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HealthConnect™ is Niche's premier and flagship
PaaS (Platform as a Service) product

Q: What is HealthConnnect™?

A: HealthConnect™ is an electronic health records system that can be used by health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies to provide services to patients. It is a cloud-based application, which makes it accessible via internet by users in health care facilities as well as individuals with patient records.

Q: How does the system work?

A: To enable them use it, health care facilities are set-up on the system and their employees (managers, doctors, nurses, receptionists etc) are added as users under their facility. This enables them to perform their normal duties on the computer application. Electronic health records (patient e-records) are also created for each individual, which can be used by health care providers to provide services and update their records. Over time, this e-record will have a comprehensive history of all the patient’s medical history.

Q: What are the different functions that can be done using the system?

A: For clinics and hospitals, they can:

  • Schedule appointments to see physicians or specialists
  • Take vitals of patients
  • Carry out a wide range of studies with pre-installed helpers and menus
  • Make diagnosis using ICD-10 disease coded engine
  • Write out notes based on observations on the patients’ records
  • Attach files (images, documents and other files) to the patients’ records for future reference
  • Make referrals to other doctors in the same hospital or other hospitals
  • Sign, generate, print and e mail patients’ medical reports.
  • Generate various types of Management Reports

For Labs and diagnostic centres, they can:
  • Schedule visits for persons wanted to do all forms of pathology tests, imaging scans and other forms of diagnosis
  • Log in samples collected
  • Enter the laboratory test results using a wide range of pre-installed helpers and menus
  • Attach other result files (documents, images, videos etc) to the patient records
  • Send e mail and SMS notifications of test completion
  • Generate various types of Management Report

For pharmacies, they can:
  • Access the prescriptions made by physicians and specialists for individual patients
  • Dispense the drugs based on the prescribed dosages
  • Manage their inventory, Purchase Orders (POs), Delivery Orders (DOs) and sales using the in-built POS interface
  • Generate Sales Reports

For providers of medical insurance, they can:
  • Get automatic e mails of all bills for services provided and medicines sold to their members by clinics, hospitals, labs and pharmacies

Q: Can health care facilities communicate with their patients on the platform?

A: Yes. For example, when appointments are scheduled and confirmed with a particular doctor, an SMS and e mail notification can be sent to the patient, informing them about the date and time of the appointment. Also, PDF versions of medical reports can also be e mailed to the patient after a consultation or other service modality is completed. They can also send reminders and alerts for pending visits and medications that have been prescribed and dispensed to patients. Patients can also send appointment requests to their clinics/hospitals using the patient records portal on the system.

Q: Can more than one health care facility access a particular patient’s record?

A: Yes. When a patient’s e-health record is created, it is linked to a particular clinic/hospital as a primary clinic. By default, the specific patient’s record can only be accessed by the staff of that clinic/hospital. However, the administrators of that clinic can grant access to one or more other facilities to access that patient’s record, whether temporarily or permanently. The patient can also call HealthConnect™ directly for access to their records to be granted to one or more service providers.

Q: Can health care facilities share information on the platform?

A: Yes. For example, Lab requests, referrals, file uploads and other forms of data relating to a particular patient can be shared with other service providers by updating the patient records and selecting one or more other facilities to access them for referral or further action.

Q: What are the privacy and data security conditions of the system?

A: The use of the system has terms and conditions, which legally binds Niche (SL) Limited to safely store and secure the patient records using high security protocols and preclude them from sharing the data with third parties without express authorisation by the individuals, their proxies and/or their medical service providers. The users of the system both facilities and individuals with e-records are required to safely secure their user credentials (user names and passwords), to prevent unintended access by other parties. Niche (SL) Limited cannot be held liable for access to patient records that using their own log-in credentials.

Q: What are key benefits of such a system?

A: Like any other Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, the potential benefits of HealthConnect™ are many; some important ones include:

  • Practice efficiency and cost savings
  • Improved patient diagnostics and patient care outcomes
  • Improved coordination and efficiency among service providers
  • Increased patient participation
  • Reduction of waiting times to access care and other services
  • Better quality monitoring, measurements and evaluation
  • Access to more reliable data for planning and decision making.

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