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HealthConnect™ is Niche's premier and flagship
PaaS (Platform as a Service) product

HealthConnect™ is Niche's premier and flagship PaaS product, and has been designed to, among other things, enable health care facilities to migrate their records and practice management away from manual and paper-based systems to an electronic environment; grant access to patient records by permitted health care providers; enable seamless access to and electronic transfer of drug prescriptions, diagnostic requests and medical reports by service providers that are registered on the HealthConnect™ electronic platform.


Membership of the HealthConnect™ Network is open to:

  • 34 Military Hospital, (Wilberforce)
  • Blue Shield Hospital, (22 Ascension Town Road)
  • Dr Taqi's Clinic - (93 Campbell Street)
  • Krim Clinic - (35 Percival Street)
  • West End Clinic - (35/37 Edward Street)
  • Dr Patrick Coker's Surgery - (47A Percival Street)
  • Dr T.B. Kamara's Clinic - (20 Waterloo Street)

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